How to use Porchetta?
What is italian roasted porchetta? and how we can serve it? Here some tips, from our chef expert Gail, Ron and Wynn. Something simple and easy for your tasty occasion....

The most common way to eat porchetta is to slice it paper thin and eat on a sandwich. In Tuscany “Porchetta Food Trucks” are as popular as BBQ or Mexican Food trucks are here in the states. Our favorite is on your favorite bread toasted with a small amount of mayo, tomato, grilled onion, and roasted peppers. You can also warm the porchetta on a slow cook smoker (250 degrees) or in an oven and then slice a bit thicker for an evening meal. Remember the porchetta is cooked so you are only warming. Left-overs can be cut in small pieces and added to your scrambled eggs the next morning for a delicious omelet!
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Filippo Gambassi, the ambassador of a family tradition from Tuscany, has been able to create Virginia’s first real homemade company. Respecting the USDA sanitary standards, this artisanal products keep the original and true cured meat making based only on simple ingredients and a slow natural aging.
Our prosciutto is made using the most prized part of the pig, the leg, from only free range raised animals. It’s massaged with garlic, sea salt and pepper and then naturally dried and aged for more than 18 months. During this time it gets the typical taste and aroma of the Terra di Siena microclimate.
A specialty in the old tradition of Siena, made from selected meat finely ground with salt, pepper and lard which give tenderness and taste. A good aging will do the rest.
TDS Capocollo for your best italian appetizer. Made using one of the most prized part of the pig, capocollo is lightly marbled with fat and salted on wooden boards. It’s then rinsed and seasoned with wild-fennel seeds and flowers, giving it the name of “finocchiata”. The meat is then aged to give it its unique tenderness and taste.
Arista is one of the noblest cuts of pork and is known for both its softness and delicateness. Marinating just long enough to acquire the salt and the scents of the spices, the Loin is then tied up and left to mature for up to three full months.
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