The pigs are free range. The live in the farm that are humanaly raised and free of growth agents, hormonese and antibiotics 
My Animals
The high quality of our dried cured meat depends, first of all, on the quality of the pigs raised at
the local farms in Virginia. The respect of the animals is the first rule for a natural and healthy
product. For this reason, we personally select the farms with the best care for their pigs, we
ensure that they are well-fed with a natural diet free of antibiotics and hormones.
Filippo helped his father in the farm since he was a child, breeding the piggies. He used to call them loudly. "Inaaa!!!!", he says and the piggies arrive
Filippo and his father Giulio in their farm with the Cinta senese pigs
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proudly made in Virginia with traditional Italian style.
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