Terra di Siena brings the best Salumeria quality at the Winter Fancy Food
Posted by Irene on 13/01/2019

Terra di Siena brings the best Salumeria quality at the Winter Fancy Food
The Winter Fancy Food Show starts today in San Francico and Terra di Siena USA can already feels the excitement. 
The company will brings its cured meat for important tastings with new customers and chefs.
“The quality and the artisanal process means everything,” said Filippo Gambassi, founder and CEO at Terra di Siena USA.
“It’s our passion. It’s our joy and, first of all, it’s our family tradition. We craft our meats the way our family has for generations using the same techniques, the highest-quality ingredients, and a true love for making the most delicious Tuscan Salumeria possible. With today’s emphasis on healthy, natural products, people want to eat real food."
Terra di Siena was founded in Italy more than 40 years ago by Giulio Gambassi, Filippo's father, but the butcher tradition in the family has been passed down through five generations.
“We craft our meat the same way it has been made for generations. It’s an authentic connection to the ancient Tuscan culture."
In USA Filippo Gambassi wants to reply the same project, based on the idea to preserve the artisanal and natural process to craft the salumi he produces in Virginia with the same family recipes. 
A real connection between this two companies to garantee the real Italian tradition of the art of making salumi.
Terra di Siena USA is also working on a new project to give to the American customers the opportunity to visit the Italian company with a Tasting Vacation in the beautiul Tuscan countryside to enjoy our family lifestyle and taste the real Italian culture.