What's the difference between salami and salumi?
Posted by Irene on 28/11/2018

What's the difference between salami and salumi?
You say salami, I say salumi. But what's the difference between the two terms for delicious cured meats? 
Salumi, in Italy means all the cured meat and it's not just salami.
The difference between salumi and salami is, salami is one of the many items that fall under the umbrella of salumi. Like guanciale, lardo and prosciutto. All of these items are types of Salumi. Salumi is a general term but salami is a specific type of product.
Salumi tastes great and and i think is the most popular in USA.
There are many ways to do salami. 
Just in Tuscan region we have hundreds of recipes from over the years.
More salt, less salt, spicy, sweet, garlic, with fennel...
The key is to get the right balance of flavors. The right flavor it's just what you like.