October, the ritual of Vendemmia in Tuscany
Posted by Irene on 01/10/2019

October, the ritual of Vendemmia in Tuscany
Every season has its charm, but for many fall is the most beautiful one, both for its glowing colors and for the nice cool breeze that finally sweeps away the muggy heat of summer.
Obviously, depending on where you live, fall could have already come, or it could still seem like a far away wish. Here in Georgia the temperature is still well above 90, while up north people are starting to wear sweaters and light jackets. Even in Italy the temperature is overall higher compared to the previous years. However, September and October still remain two of the best months to visit our beautiful country; not just for the favorable weather but also to take part in one of the most important and loved events in Italy: the grape harvest.

As many of you already know, a good wine depends on several factors such as grape, sun, rain and the technique of harvest; reasons why in a biological vineyard it’s hard to find wines from two different years to taste the exact same. For wine lovers (I hope all of you) being a part of the grape harvest is a unique experience where you sweat, learn and have fun, all while toasting to this unmissable ritual.
Most vineyards, upon request, will be available to let you participate in the harvest; however, some wineries who are a part of the Movimento Turismo del Vino, organize special events such as art exhibits and different shows in the vineyard.